Weave: Firefox Bookmark & Passwords Sync Add-on

I use Xmarks Firefox add-on (formerly Foxmarks) to keep my Firefox bookmarks, saved passwords, etc in sync between multiple computers. Xmarks works like a charm in doing this and I love it.

What is Weave Sync?

Weave Sync is a prototype from Mozilla that encrypts and securely synchronizes your ‘Firefox experience’ across multiple computers. The key difference here is the syncing your Firefox experience and not just bookmarks and passwords.

Weave Sync aims to sync your bookmarks, browsing history, saved passwords and even tabs across various Firefox browsers. So, you have the same exact experience no matter which computer you are logged into – work, home, laptop, desktop or even your mobile device using Firefox Fennec (mobile version of Firefox).

And all this data is safely encrypted before it is loaded into Mozilla’s servers.

Just like other Mozilla Labs projects we have looked at – Mozilla Prism, Ubiquity, Mozilla Snowl, BeSpin Web Code Editor, Mozilla Geolocation, etc, Weave Sync excites me at the potential.

Granted its still a prototype so far, Weave Sync version 0.4 adds some new features.

  • Preference syncing (including Personas)
  • Identity support (automatic login, including use of OpenID logins)
  • Better support for addons using Weave
  • Support for Fennec 1.0 beta 2 on Maemo Linux
  • Significant improvements in performance during startup and opening new windows.

I have tried Weave in its earlier stages but I opted out for the more robust Xmarks add-on. I liked Xmarks offering of being able to keep a ‘work’ and ‘home’ profile to keep my bookmarks separate.

Install Weave

But, Weave looks promising enough now that I have installed and ready to give it a try in all my Firefox browsers. I will report back with how I like it.

If you are already using Weave share your experiences with us.

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