Evernote Windows 3.5 New Features

Evernote has been my favorite note taking application in my desktop, iPhone as well as the web.

Evernote is free and it keeps your in sync between all these platforms all the time. Plus, Evernote has been in the leading edge on online note taking and I switched to it even before Google Notebook bit the dust.

Evernote app for iPhone is a joy to use and Evernote for Mac recently received a huge update. Now Windows users can rejoice with the release of Evernote 3.5 beta for Windows.

Evernote 3.5 Beta New Features

Three different ways to view your notes

  • Thumbnail view: Rendered thumbnails showing the contents of your notes, images, and PDFs for easy browsing and filtering
  • List view: Multi-column “List View” with sorting on any column
  • Mixed view: Mixed thumbnail + detail view
  • Can zoom thumbnails to see more detail
  • Can display thumbnail or mixed views in visual groupings by date, size, source URL domain, and start of title


Note editing

  • Auto-complete tagging and easier tag creation
  • Spell checking as you type
  • Better support for advanced markup
  • Can now create tables within notes
  • Can specify default font size for text in notes
  • Better handling of longer text notes
  • Creating ink notes in easier with the new canvas-like layout

More functions available in single-note editor window

  • Detailed note information and attributes
  • Emailing notes
  • Printing notes

Editable description of the search filter

  • Ability to add or remove individual criteria from current search filter
  • Save the current search for use later as a Saved Search

And so much more…

  • Find and Find next/find previous (both within and across notes)
  • Better consistency across the Mac and Windows versions of Evernote
  • New icons and buttons
  • More user-friendly “Folder Import” feature to automatically create notes from a watched folder–great for scanner and other integrations
  • “View on Map” button opens geo-tagged notes in Google Maps
  • Evernote for Windows introduction video included on launch
  • Multi-lingual spell check included in application
  • Quick access to your online account information
  • Improved screen clipping requiring fewer steps, with on-screen explanations
  • Menu options for attaching files to notes without requiring drag-and-drop
  • Extend note search capabilities with ANY or ALL search criteria
  • Remove tags from notes with a single click
  • Advanced note text editor based on Google Chrome
  • Improved synchronization performance via networking optimizations
  • Improved database performance for faster searching and sorting of notes
  • Single binary for all supported languages

Evernote is an excellent web app and it’s Windows counterpart just makes it a joy to use. If you have ever wanted to try out an online note taking application, look no further than Evernote!

Download Evernote 3.5 beta

[from Evernote Blog]

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