Evernote – Google Notebook Done Better.. Way Better

Last week, I reviewed a cool file sharing web application in private beta – DropBox. I have had a chance to get a sneak peek at another cool web application, Evernote, in the last few weeks. It’s quickly replacing my need for Google Notebook and I find it worth the hassle to login to yet [...]

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DropBox – My Favorite File Sync Genie

Here I go with another one of my favorite web applications. This one is a cross-over web/desktop application. Read on to find out why: Anyone with multiple computers like a desktop, personal laptop and a work laptop would know the pains to find the right file you need for a task at hand from one [...]

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Pimp Your Gmail In 2 Easy Steps

Gmail 2.0 saw some nice design updates but the overall look of Gmail has been the same. But, thanks to a Firefox extension called Stylish, it is possible for a Firefox user to completely overhaul the look of Gmail. Stylish is a Firefox extension that can load user created scripts that can change the look [...]

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Spanking New WordPress 2.5 – First Impressions

I upgraded our blogs to WordPress 2.5 and I am rather pleased with the new admin layout. I read that this is the first big change since version 1.5 and WordPress has definitely come a long way. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the upgrades went so smooth. All my plugins (30+) worked great [...]

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Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 08-03-28

I have been a little busy this week and sorry for the slow posting this week. As my regular readers know, I try to put quality before quantity and rather post 3 good posts a week than just regurgitating news that’s circulating everywhere. I hope that don’t put you off. Alright, I won’t keep you [...]

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Free High Quality Open Source Software In One Disc – OpenDisc

I come across friends & family who are forking out big bucks for everyday software like anti-virus, Office, spyware, photo editing, etc. They do so, not because they like to spend the money but because they have no idea that there are excellent, free, open source alternatives available. Today. Right now. I have nothing against [...]

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Friday Fun: Best of Fark Edition & NCAA Scores by RSS

It’s been a while I have been on Fark. Everytime I stop by, I just laugh my ass off. Here are a few headlines that caught my eyes today: Dumbass: If you plan to shoplift from a store, be sure you don’t leave behind any evidence that can tie you to the crime. Like your [...]

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Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 08-03-20

Today marks the Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. In layman’s terms, the Sun will cross exactly over the Earth’s equator today. This will mean that the night and day will be about the same length all over the world! Now on to the main intent of this [...]

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GTalk Gadget + Prism = GTalk Alternative for Linux and Mac Users?

It’s no secret GTalk client is for Windows only. Linux and Mac users have so far sought out other IM alternatives thanks to GTalk using Jabber protocol for their IM client. I use openSuSE 10.3 as my primary desktop and have had trouble getting some of the excellent IM clients like Pidgin to work behind [...]

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SecondBrain: One Place to Store All Your Favorites

If you are a web application lover, you probably have accounts everywhere in different web services such as Flickr, YouTube, del.icio.us, etc. And it could be incredibly hard to remember which service has something you saved or marked as a favorite or bookmarked or dugg or shared via RSS feed. The information you need is [...]

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Friday Fun: Live Sushi – Art or Cruelty?

The esteemed guest author (hint hint.. you should come back to write, Peter) and a great friend of mine, Pedro sent me these videos this week. Disclaimer: If you are an animal lover or for that matter fish lover, it may not be pleasant viewing for you. WPvideo 1.10 And this.. WPvideo 1.10 I am [...]

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Mozilla Prism: Bringing Web Applications To Your Desktop

Mozilla Prism is an open source initiative from Mozilla Labs which attempts to bring web applications from the browser to run directly from your desktop. In Mozilla’s words, Prism is an open source cross-platform prototype of functionality that lets users split web applications out of the browser and run them directly on the desktop. Web [...]

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Firefox 3 Beta 4 Available for Download

Firefox 3 is one more step closer to its final release with Firefox 3 Beta 4 now available for download. Here is a gist of new features in this release: Better search support in the download manager and the ability to zoom entire page or full text. Better integration with Vista, Linux and Mac Better [...]

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Friday Fun: Lufthansa Close Call in Hamburg Video

It definitely would have been far from fun for the passengers in this Lufthansa flight. This A320 flight was caught in the crosswind and was almost blown over. When I saw it all I could say was wow! I really wouldn’t want to be on that plane. They are guessing the wind speed when that [...]

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Top Browser Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets are tiny useful javascript nuggets that can be easily dragged and dropped to the bookmark toolbar in a modern browser such as Firefox, Opera, etc. They can be used to quickly perform a task without having to visit the website/web service with just a single click. I have compiled a list of bookmarklets that [...]

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