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Syncplicity – Share, Backup, Sync Files Between Multiple Computers

Syncplicity – Share, Backup, Sync Files Between Multiple Computers

Syncplicity is an online file backup and synchronization service. There are many players in this market such as DropBox, SugarSync, etc. We are going to look at Syncplicity in this review. About Syncplicity: Syncplicity is effortless synchronization, backup, and sharing. Install it on one computer and all your important documents, photos, and music are backed […]

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Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 08-10-17

Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 08-10-17

I have been doing the picks on and off for almost 18 months now and I still find new and excellent extensions that I can share with you. More power to the open source community especially to the Firefox community. Be forewarned, posts such as these can be harmful to your productivity as spend hours […]

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Gadget Advisor – For Your Gadget & Tech Thirst

If you are a technology gadget fan like I am, you can never have enough sources to get gadget news and technology updates. Gadget Advisor is a resource for the best in gadgets as well as technology. Gadget Advisor says that they focus on products and news that are the most significant, useful and/or cool […]

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Top 12 Refreshing Remember the Milk Goodies

Remember the Milk is my choice online to-do web app. And so is true for many of you. If you are a RTM user, read on to find some goodies you could use for RTM. If you are not a RTM user, you could browse through a RTM review & a few posts here to […]

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Attach Files to Gmail From Any Windows Application – gAttach

Users of a desktop email client like Outlook or Thunderbird have long been used to using the email function built in many applications like Word, Windows Explorer, etc to attach files with ease. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for web based email like Gmail. You could make Gmail the default email client within the browser like […]

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Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 08-09-26

Folks, sorry for the site being down since this morning! We exceeded our bandwidth due to our iPhone blog getting very popular this month! We are now back in business.. It’s been a while since we looked at some cool new Firefox extensions. However, I did completely revamp the Top Firefox Extensions listing I maintain […]

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Blaze Media Pro – A Swiss Army Tool for Audio/Video

Blaze Media Pro is really an all-in-one audio powerhouse. Anything you wanna name to do with audio, it seems to do it. Blaze Media Pro offers conversion, ripping, editing, recording, burning, playback, etc. My issue with audio/video files is that there isn’t a set of file formats you can rely on. They are available in […]

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Oosah Offers 1TB of Free Online Storage

To be honest, I was skeptical at this claim but still proceeded to try out this service. I signed up for an account and played around only to be pleasantly surprised at the intuitive interfaces ad features in it. What is Oosah? If you have seen Bad Boys movie, you’d know this term from Martin […]

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Passpack Integrates OpenID, Google & Windows Live

My favorite online password manager Passpack has just taken a step in the right direction with support for OpenID. For those who haven’t heard of Passpack, it is an online password manager that lets you securely store your passwords in an encrypted manner whose is known only to you. It is a very secure service […]

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Ubiquity is My New Personal Assistant in Firefox

Yes, another Firefox extension post this week but bear with me for a minute and you will see why I am so excited about this particular one! Ubiquity is an experimental Firefox extension that takes web browsing to the next level. It’s easy to draw a parallel to Ubiquity of you are used to using […]

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Free Lightweight & Portable Screen Capture Utility – FastStone Capture

Screenshots help us in many ways whatever we may need it for. I use it when I am troubleshooting with some support helpdesk, when building websites, for blogging, etc. Windows has the basic Print Screen option that you could load up in Paint and just crop the area you want. I did that for a […]

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Clean Sweep Your Computer with Anti-Malware Toolkit

Clean Sweep Your Computer with Anti-Malware Toolkit

I use a selective number of tools that are in my system cleanup arsenal to clean our computers and friend’s computers. Even with an efficient Virus scanner, a Firewall and a resident Spybot malware checker, some malware sneak into our computer sometimes. I have the habit of keeping these programs in my flash drive so […]

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Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 08-08-14

We looked at some nice Firefox extensions that would help with shopping last week. I have some more finds fresh off the oven for you here. FlickrFox: FlickrFox lets you browse Flick photostreams in a sidebar in Firefox. You can manage groups, search for tags and explore Flickr photos right from yoru sidebar. Drag & […]

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Roll Your Own Custom Google Search Engine

psst: Buckle up for a long-winding intro. With the web’s expanse being so vast, searching the web is something we do everyday. Searching with Google or your favorite search engine can only get you so far. You’d have to trust Google to bring up the actually useful search results to the top to answer your […]

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Firefox Extensions: Picks of the Week 08-07-22

This is my first extension pick post since the Firefox 3 release. There are so many new & cool extensions that have come out and let’s look at a few this week. Better Amazon: From Lifehacker, another great Firefox extension that makes shopping at a treat. Hights products with Super Saver free shipping in […]

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