Trade-in Your Old Consoles and Get a $100 Amazon Credit

Amazon is offering a Nintendo DSi trade-in and gives you Amazon gift cards in exchange and may be get the iPod Touch 4G you have been wanting to buy? You can also trade-in your old DSi & other console games for Amazon gift cards. For example, here are a few trade in values Nintendo DSi […]

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Get CommentLuv And KeywordLuv For Your Comments

I am a firm believer in showing love to my readers, bloggers and non-bloggers alike. I have been a ‘Do Follow‘ adopter from the very beginning of my blogging days. DoFollow For those unaware, WordPress makes comments a ‘nofollow’ link to make it unattractive to spammers. But, there has been a movement to reward commentators […]

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ShanKri-la RSS subscribers – Please read

First of, I would like to apologize to those who have been annoyed in the past 2 days by the partial posts in ShanKri-la feed. If you wondered if I have switched from full posts to partial posts, the answer is NO. I have no intention of forcing anyone to click over to my site […]

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Get SnagIt & Camstasia Software for Free

Get SnagIt & Camstasia Software for Free

The trend for a lot of software companies in this age of freeware is to release their old versions for free. This lets potential users TechSmith is doing just that with their award winning products SnagIt & Camtasia. SnagIt SnagIt is a Screen Capture and an Image Editing tool. It is really feature rich and […]

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Toggle To Classic Facebook Photo Viewer With F5

Facebook rolled out a new photo viewer a few weeks back. If for some reason, you wanted to view the pictures in the old view you can still do it with a simple trick. Just hit F5 (refresh) on your keyboard. Hat tip to Amit.

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How to Mute Ads on Spotify? [Windows]

If you are in the US, chances are you probably already scored a free Spotify invite by now. I am thoroughly enjoying Spotify in my desktops and have gotten a bunch of playlists setup to listen to at work and home.  I still haven’t upgraded to a premium plan yet since the ad-supported free plan […]

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Firefox Tip: How to Reset Firefox Master Password?

Mozilla Firefox’s Password saving feature is nice if used in moderation. I use this feature for all the zillion websites that require you to register but does not have our sensitive personal information. Even then, some level of protection is better than nothing when it comes to allowing your browser to store your username & […]

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Get Around Blocked Websites with CyberGhost

One of the most popular posts here, for some reason, is how to get around blocked websites. I guess a lot of schools, colleges and workplaces block websites that people really want to get to. Whatever the reason maybe for the administrators to lock down their systems, they have to understand that it doesn’t stop […]

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Microsoft Announces 10 Windows 7 Phones – Nov 8 in US

If you have been confused with the mind boggling array of Android based phones flooding the cell phone market, brace yourself. Microsoft has just unveiled 10 new Windows 7 mobile based cell phones. Microsoft talked about the Windows 7 OS eight months ago and we are seeing that announcement come to fruition as tangible hardware […]

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Better Robots.txt & .htaccess Rules for WordPress

My wife and I run several WordPress powered websites and try to stay on top of things on all things WordPress. But, one place we heavily rely on another person’s expertise is with robots.txt and .htaccess rules. Sure, we can handle the simple tasks with those files. But, when someone like Jeff Starr, author of […]

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Pomodoro Technique: How Does It Help Your Productivity?

I am usually juggling a half a dozen tasks at anytime and as any fan of productivity knows that this is a recipe for disaster. I have tried different productivity tips and task managers online and offline but never really got a good grip on it. I have finally gotten down to listening to David […]

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Search Engine Optimized WordPress Theme

I would like to introduce my readers to a good friend of mine. I have been reading Garry Conn‘s blog since day 1 of starting my blog and I still do. Every time I visit his blog I come away hevaing learnt something. He has to be one of the most helpful bloggers around. Hello […]

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40+ Best WordPress Plugins for 2011

One of the things I love about WordPress as a blogging platform is how Plugins extend its functionality hundred fold. Just like how Firefox becomes more than a browser with its 1000’s of available extensions. Searching for a good WordPress plugin in the WP Plugin directory can be like finding a needle in the proverbial […]

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MemoLane is Now Open for Everyone. Try it!

I reviewed the service MemoLane earlier but it was in private beta. MemoLane is now open for everyone to try. MemoLane is a free service that aggregates and visualizes your social network, blog updates in one easy to view interface. MemoLane supports Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa Web, Blog RSS feeds, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Instagram, Vimeo, etc. […]

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Conan O’Brien Takes a Dig At Apple Final Cut Pro X [Video]

Apple just recently released Final Cut Pro X.   But, it has been seeing a huge amount of backlash from professional video editors. Apparently Apple has removed a bunch of basic editing features publishers have been using for years. In fact, you know this is huge when Conan O’Brien makes a video making fun of Apple. […]

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