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RSS Full Feed Problem Fixed

RSS Full Feed Problem Fixed

I am glad to say that the RSS full feed woes are finally over for me. I hope I didn’t drive off too many readers with these problems. What went wrong? Although I would love to put my finger on it, the real cause is still eluding me. But, here is the sequence of steps […]

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Free HTML5 Online Editor: Aloha Editor

HTML 5 is gaining steam so fast that a lot of folks are interested in getting on board this fast moving train. If you have been looking for a HTML5 editor, here is a quality free one. Aloha Editor is a free downloadable browser based HTML 5 editor that is designed to be lightweight and […]

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WordPress 3.0 Download is Here! + New Features

After months of development, WordPress 3.0 code named “Thelonious” is finally here! I am sure you curious about the new features in WordPress 3.0 and here is a few important ones WordPress and WordPress MU have merged – manage multiple WordPress sites from one WP installation. New default theme – Twenty Ten New custom menu […]

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SublimeVideo is a Delicious HTML5 Video Player

Watching embedded videos and streaming videos were totally restricted to Adobe Flash based platforms on web browsers. But, change is in the air. HTML5, the newest version of the HTML language that powers the Internet, has brought native support for audio and video embedding without the need for browser plugins like Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime […]

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ShanKri-la RSS subscribers – Please read

First of, I would like to apologize to those who have been annoyed in the past 2 days by the partial posts in ShanKri-la feed. If you wondered if I have switched from full posts to partial posts, the answer is NO. I have no intention of forcing anyone to click over to my site […]

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Quick Survey: Future of

Please take a few minutes and fill out this survey. If you can’t see the embedded survey form, you can go here to fill it out.

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How to Backup WordPress to Dropbox?

If you haven’t heard of Dropbox I highly recommend checking it out. If you are already a reader of our Dropbox hacks, you are going to love this one too. Dropbox is a file sync service that seamlessly syncs your files across PC, Mac, Linux, and other mobile devices like iPhone, Android phones, iPad, etc […]

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Google Adsense Gets a New Mobile Interface

This one has been on my personal wishlist for a long time. I check Google Adsense everyday through an iPhone app. But, it doesn’t give the same sort of info I am used to getting out of the web interface. Google has just announced a mobile interface for Adsense. It is designed to give us […]

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WordPress 3.0 Can’t Edit Posts Issue

I had a weird WordPress 3.0 issue in one of our sites after doing an auto-upgrade. I couldn’t create a new post edit an existing post open up the collapsible menu in the side in admin quick edit posts Pretty much, it looked as if javascript had been disabled. I tried deactivating all the plugins […]

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Trunk – An App Store for Evernote

Evernote has gone from an awesome note-taking application to a memory platform where various applications can hook into it through it’s API. As a next evolutionary step, Evernote has announced the next extension in their platform – Trunk. Trunk is essentially an Evernote App Store. It’s sole aim is to showcase applications, hardware and platforms […]

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Top 10 WordPress Security Tweaks

WordPress 3.0 has been out for over a week now. If you have upgraded to it, you have already applied a huge number of security updates through this upgrade. But, there is still a lot more you can do to secure your WordPress blog. As the WordPress platform gains popularity, so does the hackers trying […]

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Learn HTML5 With HTML5 Rocks

HTML5 is catching a lot of momentum especially with Apple’s newest and hottest devices – Apple iPad and Apple iPhone 4 gaining huge popularity. What does an Apple product have to do with HTML 5, you may ask? Steve Jobs has banished Flash (which powers a huge number of sites and video players on the […]

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Facebook Privacy Scanner & How to Quit Facebook?

Facebook has been receiving a lot of flak lately and for good reason. It is a great social networking platform that is being used by millions around the world. But, with time Facebook’s privacy settings have become downright a nightmare to manage. That is for those who are worried about their privacy and actually go […]

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WordPress: Could Not Create Temporary File Error

Here is a quick tip if you encounter this error while installing WordPress plugin on upgrading plugins from WordPress admin interface. We across this nasty error while working on a Windows hosting with Plesk interface. Error: Download failed. Could not create Temporary file I had given recursive 777 permissions to wp-content before this and still […]

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Quickly View All Your Facebook Friends Likes In One Spot

So, if you run a website you know how to add a Facebook Like button on your webpage for your readers to share it with their friends. If you are not a publisher but active on Facebook, I have a very cool website to share with you. is a new web service that shows […]

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