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Delicious to Google Bookmarks Import Script

It is no secret that Yahoo has expressed it lack of commitment for the popular bookmarking service Delicious. I have been leaning more towards Xmarks since it was last acquired by LastPass. However, Google Bookmarks is a viable option for a lot of people and now there is an import script available. Google has made […]

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Google Launches Person Finder to Help Japan Earthquake Victims

It is a very sad day for the people of Japan. My heart goes out to all those who are suffering from the 8.9 earthquake and the tsunami that followed it. Google has created a Person Finder tool to help the earthquake victims locate their friends and family. Google did this for the New Zealand […]

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ToodleDo is A Great GTD Oriented Task Manager

I have taken a great interest in Getting Things Done concept after I started listening to the book – David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity book on Audible. In my quest for a GTD workflow I can implement with the way I work, I needed an online tool that I can […]

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Find Website Loading Times at 50 Locations

I am usually checking how fast our sites are loading anytime we make major changes to the sites. I just came across a cool website that can show how fast a webpage loads from 50 different locations. is a very nice looking website that shows hos fast a website loads. It runs through different […]

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Excellent Free Online Book – Dive Into HTML5

If you are interested in learning HTML5, there is an excellent online book from Mark Pilgrim. Dive into HTML5 is available online for you to read for free. However, you can also purchase the print edition of from O’Reilly. This is an interesting strategy for a book to be available for free online as well […]

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Passpack Mobile Comes to iPhone, Android & Opera Mini

If you are a regular here, you already know that Passpack is my choice online password manager web app. I use it to store all my passwords, software keys, frequent flyer cards, or any info that I want access to safely while I am on the road. So far, Passpack was great to access remotely […]

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Rainmaker Fills Your Google Contacts With Social Info

I have been using Google Contacts as my primary contacts database for a while now. I even sync my iPhone to Google Contacts and try to maintain a nice address book there. But, with so many friends over at Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and their contact information different or incomplete in different areas it is […]

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Minimalist Online ToDo Manager – TeuxDeux

I have been through a lot of online task managers but there is still something lacking in every one I have tried. May be I get bogged down with the application being too complicated aka feature-rich. TeuxDeux is a minimalistic and simplistic web application that lets you manage your to-do lists easily. Once you sign […]

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Read Your Twitter As a Daily Newspaper –

Twitter has become an integral part of information flow these days. It has to by now since I have been using it since 2007! 🙂 But, consuming Twitter on the web can get boring. Even the excellent Twitter desktop client like TweetDeck can only do so much in consuming that ever-flowing river of information. How […]

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Instant Fat Trimming For Your Twitter Account

If you are on Twitter, you will really like this new tool I just found. I have come across many tools and recommendation service including Twitter’s own now-extinct recommendation list to find and follow new people. After being on Twitter for more than 2 years I have the ‘following too many people’ bloat. I follow […]

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Remember the Milk Shines and Goes Offline

Remember the Milk Shines and Goes Offline

Remember the Remember the Milk (RTM) task management application I use and absolutely in love with? It is a free online task management application that is so simple to use and is very capable. Folks at RTM have totally redesigned their home page and it is very functional and slick. Plus, you might have heard […]

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End to End Travel Help from Rome2Rio

This nicely sums up the concept behind a new Google Maps mashup – “The airport to airport thing has been solved really well by Kayak and Hipmunk, so we want to do the other end like from the airport to where you want to go. Because no one goes on holiday at an airport,” […]

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Create Professional Facebook Pages For Free

Facebook has become a force to reckon with in the social networking world. It’s not just individuals benefitting from the Facebook effect. Businesses are also using Facebook to reach out to their customers and potential audiences. The default Facebook page you get to create are very bland and not eye-catching. Like anything on the web, […]

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Auto-Publish Your Feedburner RSS Feed To Twitter

Bloggers using Feedburner to publish your RSS feeds listen up. If you blog with hosted WordPress, you might have used a WordPress plugin to automatically publish your RSS feed to your Twitter account. Google has made automatically sending your RSS feeds to Twitter integrated inside your Feedburner account. To get started Login to your Feedburner […]

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Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa Live Online

FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa is starting today. Some of us in the world unfortunately will be at work or away from home due to the timings of the matches. But don’t worry, there are plenty of places to catch your favorite football matches online on the web. Here are a few ESPN3 […]

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