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Google Moves to Secure Enterprises with Two-Factor Authentication

Google Apps has been a silent force taking over the enterprise both public and private sector. Google Apps is the enterprise version of the free web apps we are used to – Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc. Most web applications rely on just an username and password and this is inherently insecure. Enterprises deal […]

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Dropbox Bug Leaves Accounts Open for Hours

Dropbox Bug Leaves Accounts Open for Hours

Dropbox seems to be in a bad run recently. I wrote about Dropbox security when they rewrote some of the lines in the privacy policy pages. This got some bad publicity and even though I love Dropbox for it’s usefulness started suggesting Dropbox alternatives. Yesterday, Dropbox suffered another serious setback. One of the code updates […]

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Sorting Added to Remember the Milk

Sorting Added to Remember the Milk

One of the features I missed in Remember the Milk (RTM) has been added. Remember the Milk (RTM) is a very cool and efficient online task manager. I have a love for GTD (Getting Things Done) tools and RTM is my favorite. Now, you can sort your tasks in RTM by Priority Task Name Due […]

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Access Dropbox Easily With Google Chrome Extension

If you use Dropbox and Google Chrome, you can now easily access your Dropbox files from the Chrome browser. Dropbox extension for Google Chrome is a free and unofficial extension for accessing your Dropbox files. Once installed, the Dropbox extension adds a small Dropbox icon on your Chrome toolbar. You click on the icon and […]

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Apple Shows Off HTML5 Demos in a Showcase

Apple, Steve Jobs specifically, have taken aim at Adobe Flash. It is old news that Flash was blocked from Apple iPhone and iPod Touch and Apple iPad more recently. And in a recent interview at D8 Conference, Steve Jobs said that they place their bets on the technology that’s in their spring season of their […]

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How to use Smart Lists with Remember the Milk?

How to use Smart Lists with Remember the Milk?

I like GTD (Getting Things Done) applications to a fault. We featured the use of Remember the Milk (RTM) as a GTD tool a short while back. My first experience with a tool of this kind was MonkeyGTD followed by d-cubed. d-cubed won me over from monkeyGTD but now I am torn between d-cubed and […]

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Drupal 7 Hits the Streets

Although I am a huge fan of WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS), I have a soft spot for another awesome open source CMS platform – Drupal. After being in development for months, Drupal 7.0 has been released to the public. In their words, Drupal 7 is a truly revolutionary release that saw both […]

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Dropbox Gets App Directory & Mobile Updates

Have I said Dropbox is my favorite file sync – file backup service enough times? Well, I will say it again, it really is the best! For those unaware, Dropbox is a seamless file sync utility that can keep folders and files in sync across multiple computers, multiple operating systems and over the Internet. The […]

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Top Web Applications Best Suited for Mozilla Prism

Mozilla Prism, previously known as WebRunner, is a great application that splits the web applications from the browser and lets you run them from your desktop. Although in it’s infancy, Prism is already very useful for me and I use it for a variety of web applications that I need open throughout the day. If […]

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Dropbox Goes Public & Linux Client Is Available Now

DropBox is an innovative file synchronization service that seamlessly keeps the assigned folder between computers in sync. You can even get to your files from anywehere via a browser interface. You can read my DropBox Review here. Dropbox was on closed beta so far and they have just launched publicly! You go ahead and sign […]

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Power your PHP Web Application with BackPress

Power your PHP Web Application with BackPress

WordPress and the new BuddyPress (forum) are couple of immensely popular open source projects in the PHP web applications world. BackPress is a PHP library of core functionality for web applications that grew out of the WordPress project. BackPress includes a variety of foundations needed to build a robust, scalable web application as a core […]

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How to Get Past Blocked Sites?

Even in the days when businesses are leveraging social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, there are several workplaces and schools blocking access to those websites. Sometimes it is pointless and sometimes it is mandatory. If you are in the pointless block category, here is a cool site to get around those proxies and […]

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Make the Most out of FeedBurner’s Feeds-by-Email Service

Feedburner has offered feeds by email for a long time and it is one of the things every blogger using Feedburner could utilize. If you don’t offer a way to subscribe by email, consider how many readers who don’t use a RSS feed reader but like your content. You could be missing out on dozens […]

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Google Instant Unveils Search As You Type

Sorry to be covering Google so much lately but it is hard to ignore when they bring so much productivity enhancements in their tools! Google has unveiled something new called Google Instant. It is simply Google search on steroids. Lots of steroids. Google Instant gives you search results as you type in the search box. […]

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Site Speed Impacts Google Search Ranking

We have been hearing of news lately that Google is going to start factoring in website loading speed in web search ranking. When all things equal, a site that loads fast will appear higher in the search results than a site that loads slow. Google just posted on their Webmaster Central blog that they in […]

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