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CoolFlick Brings Your Flickr Pics to Life

Cooliris is my favorite way to browse through Flickr Pics. Cooliris is a Firefox add-on that enables us to visualize pictures in a wall. You can scroll through the wall seamlessly and zoom into the ones you like. It’s hard to explain but kind of like Apple’s CoverFlow. You can flick with your mouse to […]

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Evernote Now Imports Google NoteBook

It’s official. Evernote has come out with an import tool to import your Google Notebook content into Evernote. Google Notebook recently announced that they are stopping development of Google Notebook. I think Evernote is one of the best Google Notebook alternatives out there. How to Export/Import Google Notebook to Evernote? Sign into Google Notebook Click […]

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Import Google Notebook into Zoho

Zoho Notebook offers an excellent alternative to Google Notebook. Even though I have proclaimed Evernote to be the best alternative to Google Notebook, Zoho sure beat Evernote to the race in providing an import tool to get your Google Notebook content across easily. I am sure Evernote will follow suit shortly. But, I was curious […]

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Google Notebook RIP – Best Alternative is Evernote

Google Notebook RIP – Best Alternative is Evernote

I think the best Google Notebook alternative out there is Evernote. I even called it Google Notebook done better, way better back in April 2008

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Snowl – Messaging in Firefox from Mozilla Labs

It’s no secret that I am a fan of Mozilla Labs projects besides being a huge fan of Firefox. We have seen some successful and exciting projects from Mozilla Labs like Mozilla Prism – the technology that lets you run web applications like desktop applications away from your browser, Mozilla Geode – that can bring […]

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Wakoopa: Social Network for Discovering Webapps & Software

Social networking was all the rage in 2008. We have social networks like FaceBook, Orkut & MySpace to meet people. And then there are even social networks to meet people with special interests such as music, video, food, wine, cars, etc. You knew about it already. But, did you know there is a social network […]

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Gladinet – Access Online Storage via Windows Explorer

Online files storage services make storing your files in the cloud and make it accessible anywhere. I use plenty of services like Google Docs, Windows Live Skydrive, Box.net, etc. Some of the most popular services where you might be storing your files are Google Docs, Amazon S3, Windows Live Skydrive, etc. But, at best they […]

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Google Reader Gets A Cleaner Look

I have used the Better GReader Firefox extension and the UserScripts that change the look and feel of Google reader for a while. Now, Google Reader has an updated look and I don’t need to change it’s look with Stylish scripts.. I like it as it is after a long time! Here are some things […]

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WebNotes – Annotate & Organize the Web (Beta Invites Available)

WebNotes is a web organization tool created by a group of MIT alumni. Their goal was to revolutionize the way people collect,organize and share information on the Internet! After checking out WebNotes, I have to agree that they are on the right track. If you have ever used PostIt notes to put up stickies for […]

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Gmail Becomes a Powerhouse with Google Gadgets

Gmail Labs has been seeing a great number of new additions lately and I will writing up about some of the best ones in there shortly. Right now, we’ll look at a couple of shiny new Gmail Labs additions today. If you are unaware of Gmail Labs, it’s in your Gmail account already. You will […]

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Syncplicity – Share, Backup, Sync Files Between Multiple Computers

Syncplicity – Share, Backup, Sync Files Between Multiple Computers

Syncplicity is an online file backup and synchronization service. There are many players in this market such as DropBox, SugarSync, etc. We are going to look at Syncplicity in this review. About Syncplicity: Syncplicity is effortless synchronization, backup, and sharing. Install it on one computer and all your important documents, photos, and music are backed […]

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Use Twitter to Track Your Spending

I have become a Twitter-holic and it took me a while to digest the benefits of being on Twitter. I have met so many nice people and made friends and you might even be reading this because you met me on Twitter! If you haven’t connected with me, you can find me by KIntheHouse. Heck, […]

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Top 12 Refreshing Remember the Milk Goodies

Remember the Milk is my choice online to-do web app. And so is true for many of you. If you are a RTM user, read on to find some goodies you could use for RTM. If you are not a RTM user, you could browse through a RTM review & a few posts here to […]

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3 Excellent Craigslist Interface Alternatives

Even though I have been using Craigslist to buy stuff locally for a long time, yesterday was the first time I sold something. A Lexmark Color printer. We sold it within a day of listing it. Craigslist has adopted the less is more principal in terms of design, features, etc. ut, for the power users […]

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Oosah Offers 1TB of Free Online Storage

To be honest, I was skeptical at this claim but still proceeded to try out this service. I signed up for an account and played around only to be pleasantly surprised at the intuitive interfaces ad features in it. What is Oosah? If you have seen Bad Boys movie, you’d know this term from Martin […]

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